The following is a summary of the research carried out on SurfbikeLogo by Frank Katch, Ph.D., and Victor Katch, Ph.D., two well-known U.S. exercise scientists.


y Determine the strenuousness of SurfbikeLogoexercise.
y Estimate how many calories are 'burned' during this new mode of exercise.
y Determine if SurfbikeLogo exercise to improve cardiovascular fitness.



y Seven subjects were tested,ages 13 to 54 years of age.
y The strenuousness of SurfbikeLogo  exercise was assessed by heart rate telemetry duringSurfbikeLogo exercise at three different intensities



y When SurfbikeLogo was pedaled at the slowest possible rate while maintaining forward motion, the strenuousness of the workout was about 50% of the maximum heart rate (note very strenuous could be described as 'easy').
y During moderate SurfbikeLogo exercise (closer to what a typical SurfbikeLogo workout might be), the heart rate was approximately 60% of maximum. This level of exercise intensity is consistent with recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine for improving cardiovascular fitness.
y During the most vigorous SurfbikeLogo exercise (15 seconds of continuous pedaling as fast as possible), the heart rate averaged close to 90% of maximum. Knowing this upper limit of intensity for SurfbikeLogo exercise is important for establishing the proper intensity for SurfbikeLogo workouts.
y Bases on the heart rate measured during 'moderate' SurfbikeLogo exercise, a subject would 'burn' approximately 9.1 calories per minute (273 calories during a 30-minute workout and 546 calories during a one-hour workout). This number of calories is greater by 8% than outdoor bicycling at a speed of 10 to 12 miles per hour for the same 30 and 60 minute duration. This number of calories burned is equivalent to roller skating, water skiing, stairclimb exercise, stationary cycling, walking briskly carrying a backpack equivalent to 30% of body weight, and a host of other popular fitness activities including weight-lifting, softball and kayaking.



If future experiments confirm the present exploratory results, the SurfbikeLogo exercise could be classified as an excellent modality in programs where a high caloric expenditure is desirable (as in weight loss programs designed to reduce excess body fat), and in programs of aerobic exercise for developing cardiovascular fitness.


Frank Katch, Professor
Department of Exercise Science
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003
Victor Katch, Professor
Department of Movement Science
Division of Kinesiology
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, 48104

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