y Quick three step assembly
y Surfbike 1 Close-up & Technical specifications
y The Surfbike in brief:


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Interior: sink-resistant polystyrene.

Outer shells: UV-resistant thermoplastic

Weight: 40 lb. or 18 kg (board only)

Hatch (personal effects compartment)

Front mooring cleat

non-slip surface

Choice of two colors: blue or burgundy


Cruising speed: 5 mph, 8 km/h, or 5 knots

Maximum speed: 7 mph, 11 km/h, or 8 knots



Quick-release fasteners

UV-resistant, injection plastic housing and propeller

Universal saddle tube lengths

Propeller shaft: stainless steel

Pedal crank: cast aluminum alloy

Adjustable seat post

Seat: waterproof foam rubber



Steering column: anodised aluminum

Colored directional float

Handlebars: adjustable anodised aluminum

Rudder: UV-resistant molded plastic

Grips: extruded elastomer

Quick-release button (rudder stem)


Total Weight: 64 lb. or about 29 kg

Length: 147`` or 3.75 meters

Width: 28.5`` or 0.72 meters

Depth: 9`` or 0.23 meters

Shipping weight: 88 lb. or 40 kg


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